Understanding the impact that nutrition has on our workouts

Understanding the impact that nutrition has on our workouts

We clearly know that with every workout protein and muscles break down in order to build up faster. However, do we know the impact that nutrition has on our workouts?

If we want to see results, we need to get serious about what we are eating. A diet based on high-quality protein is key, yes, but there is more than that to it.

There are a few tips that you might consider to take into account when it comes to both building muscles and being healthy.

The impact that nutrition has on our workouts

If you want to build muscles, you need to eat, at the very least, .73 grams of protein per day. You can find it in eggs, meat and other sources, like supplements.

Remember that, if you are going for the meat, it has to be top-quality. Otherwise, it just won’t work as much.

Of course you need to be consuming vegetables and also filling your body with enough glucose. However, if you go for simple carbs and sweets, you may find yourself very soon gaining fat.

Also, when considering the impact that nutrition has on our workouts, we must consider the importance of pre- and post-workout meals.

If you are a consistent long-term lifter, you will find that eating immediately before and after your workouts will lead to a much better performance. This is specially true if you follow the high-protein scheme.

Further than that, consider the importance of using protein supplements to boost your results.

A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2012), shows that people who use protein supplements gained two more pounds of muscle over the course of three months than those who didn’t.

Remember that the quality of the supplements also matters. Our brand is specialized in producing some of the best product available in the market. Take a look and ask out team if you need extra guidance!

Carbs and fat: should you give them up?

Well, this is a tough question. It is true that carbs provide a quick source of energy. What’s more: they will replenish your glucogen reservoir and generate insulin, which will push nutrients into your system. This also applies to the proteins that get to your muscle cells.

Fats are way more healthy than carbs, at least in the long run. Being that true, before you start a strict low-carb diet, be advised that in the beginning you might find yourself tired and less able to exercise.

If you are going to sit for hours before exercising, you definitely won’t need pre-workout carbs, and you could focus on eating more fat and proteins to see results.

However, if you train on a daily basis on go hard when doing so, carbs will definitely help you, specially if you eat them right before and after your workout sessions.

Is not about one specific diet: it’s all about the right nutrition plan

Many believe that there is one specific diet that would work wonders with everybody. That’s definitely not true. Actually, if you stick to one diet for a while, you might soon find yourself back to your previous ways.

For this reason, in Scilabs we believe in good nutrition, in finding the right plan for you. One that has been tailored to your workouts and metabolic needs. That is the way to success.

The impact that nutrition has on our workouts is huge. Therefore, the best decision is to go hard on high-quality proteins, use the carbs with wisdom and, of course, never give up vegetables and fat.

In addition to that, supplementation has proven to be a big help. If you find that there is something lacking on your nutrition plan, you should take a look to our products. They will get you beyond you’ve ever imagined!

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