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Scilabs Nutrition History

SciLabs Nutrition was founded in 2007. In the beggining, It was located in United Kingdom and is focused on seeking to satisfy the needs of European Athletes in any category, providing them competitive products and assures professional results.

Since its inception, SciLabs Nutrition has provided products of the highest quality, at the forefront of vanguard, innovating with the aplication of formulas, which they have no establishment at the sports supplement market place yet.

Nowadays, SciLabs Nutrition is being manufactured entirely in United States, where is a top Brand and dominates the market. SciLabs Nutrition currently has distributors in, Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Its considered a high-end sports suplement brand.

Currently, It’s fully consolidated in the sports supplement market, where is the reference to other brands and synonymous of quality and commitment with the unique products formulation, “next generation” design and highly specialized in the competition.

Scilabs Nutrition Collection
Scilabs Nutrition Collection

Our Mission

Thus, Scilabs nutrition formulates its products following the same path, providing our customers with the appropriate resources.

“Cutting edge nutrition supplements.” SciLabs Nutrition


Quality Control

The entire product range of SciLabs nutrition are fabricated in plants inspected by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), under strict quality conditions GMP and NSF. SciLabs nutrition request the issuance of Certificates of Free Sales to Pennsylvania, Florida and New York Department of Agriculture. In the postproduction, SciLabs nutrition performs a doublé counter analysis by independent laboratorios, which proves the purity and concentration of each batch produced.

100% Made in United States, your best choice, your Brand, achieving cutting edge formulas always ahead of the competition.

 “No Gimmicks, Just Results.” SciLabs Nutrition



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