Georgina Lona

GEORGINA LONA BIO NAME: Georgina Lona BIRTH PLACE: México PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Ciudad de México BIRTHDAY: September 18 -1982 HEIGHT: 5’3 CONTEST WEIGHT: 138 lb OFF SEASON WEIGHT: 152 lb ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: I never practice any other sport. INTERESTS/HOBBBIES: I love motivation and success movies, walking on broad daylight and a good chat. I always enjoy to spend quality time with my beloved family […]

Juan Carlos Graham

JUAN CARLOS GRAHAM BIO BIRTH PLACE: Torreón Coahuila (México) BIRTHDAY: Oct 5, 1981 HEIGHT: 5′ 9.6” CONTEST WEIGHT: 220.46 lb OFF SEASON WEIGHT: 246,92 lb ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: I used to play soccer when I was Child, but soon I changed it for gym. INTERESTS/HOBBBIES: My Family, Movies, to eat and sleep.   FAVORITES BODY PART: […]


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