Edgar Fernando Sandoval Valencia

EDGAR FERNANDO SANDOVAL VALENCIA BIO NAME: Edgar Fernando Sandoval Valencia BIRTH PLACE: Sahuayo, michoacan, México PLACE OF RESIDENCE: México BIRTHDAY: 22/julio/1989 HEIGHT: 5″5 CONTEST WEIGHT: 187lbs OFF SEASON WEIGHT: 200-210lbs ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: Bodybuilding INTERESTS/HOBBBIES: Me gustaría llegar a ser reconocido en mi país y todo el mundo. Tratar de competir en un arnold clasicc y […]

Eliecer Pérez Batista

ELIECER PÉREZ BIO NAME: Eliecer “Elin” Pérez Batista BIRTH PLACE: Panamá PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Panamá BIRTHDAY: August 3, 1978 HEIGHT: 5.10′ CONTEST WEIGHT: 180lb OFF SEASON WEIGHT: 210lb ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: Soccer and All Sports adicted INTERESTS/HOBBBIES: Soccer, Paint Oil in Canvas   FAVORITES BODY PART: Chest and Shoulders PREP MEAL: Meat CHEAT MEAL: Hamburguer EXERCISE: Chest Press MOVIE: Life is Beautiful MUSIC GENRE: All SPORT: Soccer QUOTE:   AWARDS Mr Panamá 85kg […]


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